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Nutritional therapy, personal training, Swedish & aromatherapy & pilates services in the Surrey area.

Nutri-Fit is owned and managed by Sophia Adams and is dedicated to bringing long-lasting health and sustainable levels of fitness to clients wanting to make a positive change in their lives.

Sophia started her training as a natural nutritionist at the renowned College of Natural Nutrition with Barbara Wren in 2000-2002, completing 2 diplomas.

During this time Sophia specialised in weight management and obesity and decided to direct her career towards helping people to improve their personal health on all levels by making positive changes to their diets. She employs a holistic approach to support her clients, with the intention of creating a trusting, nurturing  and motivational relationship.

Sophia is registered with the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, giving existing and prospective clients the peace of mind, knowing that a high standard of education and expertise can be expected from their practitioner. All treatments and consultations are currently practiced from her home in Surrey.

To compliment her successful approach to nutrition, Sophia also offers clients a tailored personal training service. She has worked for notable fitness organisations such as Esporta and Virgin Active as a personal trainer enabling her to recognise and employ specific pieces of equipment to enhance clients overall fitness. Sophia integrates her training knowledge to the individual needs of each client to ensure that they get a unique, personalised, positive and, above all, safe exercise experience.

All services offered by Nutri-Fit are suitable for clients of all ages and abilities.

I am passionate about fitness and vitality. By feeding our body nutritionally balanced meals and snacks we can be more positive and energetic with an enhanced ability to achieve more in our lives!

Believe you can change
Nutri-Fit will help you to turn these beliefs in to reality.

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is the science of proper diet, lifestyle strategies and therapeutic nutrient intervention to correct nutritional insufficiencies, promote optimal health, and prevent, manage, or correct medical problems.

Complimentary nutritional therapy optimises nutritional health in order to enhance medical care and treatment.

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Swedish massage treatments employ a variety of specific movements which work together to relax tired and aching muscles and encourages blood and lymph flow and enhances skin tone.

Aromatherapy massage can benefit anyone, regardless of their age or state of health, for a variety of disorders.

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Personal Training

Personal training allows a variety of age groups and abilities to benefit from an instructors training knowledge. The needs of the individual client are assessed to enhance their long-term health and fitness goals. The instructors aim is to empower clients to ensure that they get a unique, individual, positive and safe exercise experience.

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Pilates can be enjoyed by all ages – everyone can gain benefits and as a result improve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health enabling them to cope better with our modern lifestyles.

Improve you health and wellbeing by introducing Pilates into your Life!

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